Lucid Glow in The Dark Options DEMO and Explanation

Lucid GLOW Grip: Currently we have Green, purple, and blue. Each one requires different methods of charging for a good bright glow and longevity of that glow. Due to the particular phosphor being used for each color, they each absorb different wavelengths of light to produce the glow. Our eyes are sensitive to certain wavelengths, we can usually see things between 400-700 nanometers on the electromagnetic spectrum. Just think of the colors of the rainbow Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red. Purple being at the 400 range which is near the UV spectrum and 700 towards the red closest to infrared spectrum.

Our Green Glow is the brightest and lasts the longest at night. Green is the most widely used glow in the dark phosphor because the human eye is particularly sensitive to green light, so green appears brightest to us. The green phosphor can also absorb a wide range of wavelengths of light to produce a glow, so the material can be charged under sunlight or indoor lighting and produce an excellent glow at night.

The Purple Glow phosphor requires specific wavelengths of light because it falls towards the UV spectrum which can make it a little more challenging to get a good charge. To get the Purple Glow to work you need to expose the material to UV light such as the sun or using a UV light.

The Blue low is near the purple side of the spectrum and its phosphor absorbs a few more wavelengths than purple does. It still creates a challenge for charging as UV light again will be your best option for charging this particular glow grip. Indoor lighting will work but the grip will need to sit under the light for a lot longer period of time to absorb the particular wavelengths it requires.

So to break it down, our Purple and Blue glow will perform way better when charged outdoors in the sun or using a UV light. Natural indoor lights will not work so well or at all. The Green glow on the other hand can be charged with practically any light source and will give a very bright glow in the dark effect and last the longest at night. There is nothing wrong with Purple or Blue as they do admit a great glow at night, it's just not convenient as the Green when it comes to charging the glow grip.