1950's Old School Metal Wheel Skateboard (Unbranded)

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REFURBISEHD INFO: This deck has been refurbished by Lucid Grip. This 1950/60's metal wheel skateboard was a fun project. It had no brand on it so Lucid was lasered onto the bottom. With this refurbish job it was a fun simple process of sanding the deck out, fresh lacquer, and getting the rust off the trucks. The Lucid logo was lasered onto the bottom. After the whole process we decided to give the deck a try to see what it was like skateboarding with metal wheels. 

This deck has become a wall hanger in the Lucid office. It is not for sale. 


Skateboarding started in California in the 1950s. The first skateboards were made from roller skates attached to a board. Skateboarding gained in popularity because of surfing: in fact, skateboarding was initially referred to as "sidewalk surfing". The very first skateboards were handmade from wooden boxes and planks by individuals. Companies started manufacturing skateboards in 1959, as the sport became more popular.


Length: na"

Wide Point: na"

Wheel Base: na" (inner to inner truck holes)

Shape: Flate round nose and tail

Construction: Solid Wood

Grip: na

Wheels: Metal Wheels

Bearings: na

Trucks: Metal unknown

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