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Wave White Pigment

The Wave White is a specially formulated pigment that will create wave-like texture in epoxy. With this formula, you can create stunning ocean waves that look realistic and will add value and a unique touch to any piece!

To use:

  • Add 1 or 2 pumps of Wave White per half ounce of mixed epoxy
  • Pour or drizzle on wet epoxy in wave shapes
  • Use heat gun to blow out and blend waves to desired look
  • Either let it sit and form some lacing on its own, or finish the look with the Sea Spray


If your waves are blending too much as the epoxy cures, try pouring your base down, mixing up your Wave White, and letting it sit 20 to 45 minutes, then pour and blend out waves. This allows the epoxy to thicken slightly which helps the waves stay in place while curing.

Sea Spray

The Sea Spray is a specially created formula to create celling and lacing in waves. This formula makes it easy to create realistic, foamy waves in your epoxy pieces.

To use:
Spray lightly onto epoxy waves holding the bottle about 10 inches away. The waves will start to lace and cell to look like realistic crashing waves.
The Sea Spray should only be used for flat pieces, it does not work well for tumblers.

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