Hamboard 24" Natural Bamboo Biscuit Skateboard Complete - Refurbished

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REFURBISEHD INFO: This deck has been refurbished by Lucid Grip. This Biscuit deck was sanded down to raw bamboo, then refinished with Lucid lacquer, Lucid Medium Grip, and Lucid Clear Epoxy on the bottom. The graphics were re-created and the signature and serial number were lasered into the wood. The hardware has been restored,  trucks are new and are 180mm reverse kingpin. The wheels/bearings have been replaced with new Lucid Wheels and Bearings. 


What you see in the photo is what you will get. These are actual photos of the board. 

Hamboard Bamboo Biscuit

Length: 24 in

Width: 14 in

Wheelbase: 15 in

Wheel Diameter: 70mm 83a Lucid Clear/Orange

Trucks: 180 Reverse Kingpin Trucks Black

Bearings: Lucid ABEC 7 oil filled

Grip: Lucid Medium Grip

Portable dwarf surf ninja

Style matters. The way you do it is just as important as why you do it in the first place. 

Entry Level Pro Surf

If you’re the type who likes to add extra sparkle to your refreshment, then the Biscuit is just for you. 

It’s not about the airtime. Or the ollies. It’s about you and your own style. If you can’t get it the first time, get up and do it again.

At 24 inches you probably don’t expect a lot. But you’re wrong. The Biscuit is the most portable surf ally for anyone who eats, drinks and dreams surfing. 

The premium bamboo deck is planfully cut out in a bulging fish shape. This allows the board extreme maneuverability and sharp turns while holding speed and line without sliding out too much. 

You’ll be right to think that on a shorty like this, there’ll be a slight skate wobble. But here’s the surprise .. 

The massive 24mm risers insure there’s no wheel bite when you lean in to the full power of this little beast.  A portable, packable shorty that you can actually fit both of your feet on so you can cruise.  It’s amazingly surfy for such a shorty.

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