Lucid - 21" Nomad DIY Longboard Mini Skateboard (RAW DECK)

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This Nomad deck comes to you RAW / Unfinished. This is  DIY custom skateboard. Paint, finish, and grip your own deck. 

For those on the move and never in the same spot for to long. Lucid gives you the NOMAD! The perfect little commuter/traveler board. Easy to carry, easy to store practically anywhere, fits in most school lockers or gym locker, and will fit nice in those overhead bins on the plane. Not only is this perfect board to take everywhere you go but it also rides really smooth.


  • L: 21"
  • W: 7.5"
  • WB: 15.5"
  • Construction: Birch Ply 
  • Core: 1/2"
  • Grip: Clear Grip by Lucid Grip
  • Shape: Flat