Lucid - 27" Cruiser Skateboard DIY Blank Deck for Custom Art

Limited Supply! (Roughly 15 in stock)

Looking to get creative while being in quarantine? Well, we have a few mini skateboard blanks that we use for demoing Lucid Grip. The boards were made several years ago by Koastal Skateboards. There is no brand on them just blank decks. So if you want to get all hands-on and custom with your board art style, then this deck is your first step. This is also great way for kids to get creative with their own board. 

Only the decks are available at the moment. If you need help getting setup with wheels and trucks just let us know and we can help you out.

Add a package of Lucid Grip at almost half the cost. Its the same price for any grip type you choose. With Lucid you can finish off your deck with some clear grip so you can still let your art show through. We have color grip coming soon as well!


  • L: 27"
  • W:  8"
  • WB: 16"
  • Construction: 7 ply Canadian maple
  • Natural top and bottom
  • Shape: Concave, Slight kick in the nose, full kick tail.


Coming soon!