Lucid Bamboo - 33" Sprout Cruising Skateboard Pool Deck Shape - Complete Setup

Lucid 33" Bamboo Cruiser Skateboard is your perfect old school board. Has a nice concave with a full kicktail. Its 10" width gives plenty of comfortable foot room. So whether your looking to just cruise around, carve down some mellow hills, or hit up the local skatepark this board will be your go to. Its construction is made up of Bamboo veneers both top and bottom and has a core of 5 maple plys.


  • L: 33"
  • W: 10"
  • WB: 23"
  • Construction: Bamboo Veneer Top and Bottom with 5 ply maple core
  • Core:  5 ply maple"
  • Grip: Clear Grip by Lucid Grip
  • Shape: Concave, Full Kick Tail

Complete Setup: 

  • 180mm Reverse Kingpin trucks - Matte Black
  • 1/2" Black Risers
  • 70mm 83a Clear/Black Lucid Wheels
  • ABEC 7 Bearings Oil Filled
  • 1.5" Mounting Hardware - Color: Black

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