Lucid Bundle - Color Grip Bundle Kit

Looking to get creative and use all our color options? Well look no further, this bundle has all our color options in one box. 

Package includes: 

  • 2.7 oz. Clear Gloss Liquid Bottle (Pump Sprayer)
  • 6 oz. Extra Lucid Clear Gloss Liquid
  • Small Plastic funnel for refilling your pump sprayer bottle
  • 1 x Extra Pump Sprayer
  • Grip
    • 1 x Color Grip Blue Bottle
    • 1 x Color Grip Green Bottle
    • 1 x Color Grip Red Bottle
    • 1 x Color Grip Orange Bottle
    • 1 x Color Grip Black Bottle
  • 5 x Lucid 1" Foam Brushes
  • Instructions
  • Lucid Sticker

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