Lucid Clear Wood Grain Filler

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Easy-to-sand clear gel wood grain filler for filling the pores in woods (such as oaks, mahogany, ash, and hard-to-fill woods). Can be used on raw wood or after staining, sealers, or topcoats. For a finish as smooth as glass.

Easy product to use. Easy cleanup.

Easy to use, no offensive odor, and does its job by filling in the grain.

Ideal Customers For Clear Wood Grain Filler

  • DIY woodworking hobbyists 
  • Cabinet refinishers
  • Furniture makers
  • Luthiers
  • Gun stock finishers
  • Cabinet makers
  • Piano restoration
  • Antique restoration

Clear Wood Grain Filler Benefits

  • Grain Filler dries in 30-45 minutes for a faster build
  • Crystal clear when dry
  • Easy sanding
  • Nonflammable
  • Low odor and low VOC
  • Can be tinted with water-soluble colorants or dyes
  • Can be thinned with water
  • More OSHA-friendly than solvent-based
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Minimal shrinkage                                           
  • Water clean-up

Clear Wood Grain Filler Directions For Use

Surface Preparation: Surface must be clean and dry (free from all dirt, oil, wax and polish) before using the Lucid Clear Wood Grain Filler. Sand surface thoroughly. Remove all dust with a vacuum, forced air or damp cloth (water).

Directions For Use: 

  • Stain and seal coat must be dry and lightly sanded with 220-grit or finer sandpaper.
  • Grain Filler can be tinted with water-soluble colorants or dyes.
  • If no stain or seal coat is used, you may apply Clear Grain Filler to the raw wood.
  • Grain Filler may be applied with a soft cloth, using a circular motion, much like applying a paste wax. Or work Grain Filler generously into open wood grain pores with a small squeegee or flexible putty knife.
  • Inspect to see if the grain is completely filled, then scrape or squeegee to remove excess.
  • Let dry 30-45 minutes, then lightly sand with 320 grit paper.
  • If grain is not completely filled, repeat the application process.
  • 2-3 coats of Grain Filler are recommended.
  • Allow over­night dry time and lightly sand before applying top coats.

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