Lucid Glow in the Dark Spray Grip

Note: Our packaging has changed, you will see photos of our older box which is a light gray with a window cut out. Our new box is orange in color and has no window. All orders are shipping out in our new box. Its the same great product on the inside just a different box surrounding it. 

NEW Purple Glow Grip

GLOW PURPLE (Limited Run) - This is a limited run product it only 120 units were made. We are not sure if we can get our hands on more material to make another round so don't miss out on this product. The Glow can last up to 6-10 hours and is charged with Only UV Light such as sun, which will give you the best results . The size of the grip is on the heavy side. We do recommend doing a little heavier layer of liquid on the second coat this helps encapsulate the glow granules and prevents them from damage from water. 


Lucid Glow Green

-Glow time is 4-6 hours

-Re-charges with sun light or artificial light

Lucid Glow Purple

- Glow time is estimated 8+ hours

-Re-charges with UV light only

Package includes:

- Lucid 2.7 oz Liquid bottle

- Lucid Glow Grip 2.7oz bottle Net Wt 2oz Filled half way (Glow Green is the size of Medium, Glow Purple is the size of Heavy) This is enough grip for roughly 2 to 3 decks that are 33"-40" in length. 

- 1" Foam Brush

- Instructions

- Lucid Sticker

How does the Glow Green Grip recharge? 

The grip is made from Strontium aluminate which is a photo luminescent phosphorous material, it absorbs photons (electromagnetic radiation) & UV rays to charge. It does NOT require direct or indirect sunlight to charge. It will charge well in low level indoor light conditions. Your Eyes Should Be Adjusted to the Dark.

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