Clear Grip Tape Compared to Lucid Grip

Grip tape comes in many varieties, the most common being a sheet that is black on the grippy side of the grip tape. The bottom of the sheet of grip tape will peal off, revealing a very sticky underside that will stick to the top of the deck. Grip tape isn't always black, however - grip tape can be bought in any color, or transparent and even camouflage.

The sandpaper feel of grip tape is made with various materials, depending on the company that made it. Some black grip tape companies use silicon carbide - a very hard material that stays sharp for a good long time. Other companies use aluminum oxide, which is cheaper but looses its edge and grippyness quickly. 

With all that being said Lucid Grip on the other hand is different from your traditional grip tapes. Lucid is a two part application and the grip is made from a recycled glass material. The liquid that adheres the grip to the deck or whatever surface you may be gripping is a eco-friendly water based material. Lucid Grip holds up like most grip tapes. It will wear down after use but you can simply just patch up those bare spots rather then having to re-grip your entire deck. 

When it comes to clarity there is a big difference between Lucid Grip and your traditional peel and stick clear grip tape. Now, there is nothing wrong with your peel and stick grip everyone has their opinions and Lucid Grip might not be the right choice for you, but if you are looking to show off your art or any kind of exotic woods then Lucid will most likely be your best choice for clarity. 


Example Photos of Lucid Grip on Skateboard Decks

Lucid Grip Light ExampleHamboards with Lucid Grip TapeGrip Tape Clear for LongboardsArbor Skateboard with Lucid Grip LightBest Clear Grip for SkateboardsLongboarding Grip Tape Clear SprayLucid Clear Spray on Grip Tape