Customer Review Using Lucid Grip to Bring Back Hamboard Skateboard
Here is a great review of using Lucid Grip to bring back that Hamboard or any Longboard Skateboard for that matter.
Thank you for the awesome review of the product Ben!
Customer Review:
The pictures don’t really do justice to your product... and I wanted to share my experience. I have an older classic Hamboard which had the rubberized paint. Over the years, that paint had de-stabilized and was extremely sticky. There was a layer of “slime” on all surfaces of the board that made it not fun to ride. I finally took the time to clean it and redo the deck with Lucid medium grip and the results are stunning! I used the heavy duty version of Easy-Off oven cleaner (yellow can) mixed with the powdered form of Bar Keepers Friend (Comet would probably have worked too). After taking off the trucks, quickly learned that taking a section of 2-3 feet at a time was a good approach. Specifically here was my process: sprayed a liberal amount of oven cleaner and top dress with abrasive cleaning powder and let sit for 20 minutes. This 100% has to be done outside or in a garage with a ventilation system because the fumes of the oven cleaner are INTENSE! Then took a car wash bucket filled 3/4 full of clean water and a stiff nylon bristle brush and started working in small circles and watched the slime layer slide off of the board and up into the bristles of the brush. After maybe 10 or so circles, rinsed the brush in the clean water to prevent the slime from coming back onto other parts of the board, then with an old towel, dried off the area, and then sprayed the next section with oven cleaner and abrasive cleansing powder. The water gets really gross quickly, so in-between sections (while waiting the 20 minutes for the easy off to work its magic) dumped the water and filled the bucket with clean water, again working in a small section. Once the whole side was completed, flipped over the board and did the other side. Also, I used sawhorses, and wrapped cardboard (Amazon delivery boxes cut-up) on the tops of the sawhorses to protect the board and also helped soak up any water. Once both sides were totally dry (I waited over night), i taped off little areas on the Hamboard that had been damaged over the years and used aerosol paint to touch-up the blue or white areas. I let the touch-ups dry for a couple of days and then I applied an aerosol can of clear gloss to the underside (being careful not to apply so much that it pooled or created drips that might wrap around to the deck. The purpose of the gloss was to protect the bottom of the board from any random moisture when riding (although generally i try pretty hard to avoid puddles). After 48 hours, I applied a second coat of clear gloss to the under side, and then after the second coat dried, I was ready to bring the board indoors and apply the Lucid Grip system. It worked just like it showed on the videos on the Lucid website/YouTube, super easy... pump, evaluate the mist/amount of coverage, and then holding the grip about 2-3 feet above the board tapping the side gently to let the aggregate fall into place with random beauty! Finally, lock in the grip with another layer of misting spray! I was surprised it probably took at most 10 minutes to spray and grip two boardsI had another board that was in better shape that didn’t need any re-hab, just did a light bristle brush to get out any random dirt/debris, and followed the same procedure: mist, sprinkle, lock it in! The Hamboard transformation was just that... a total renewal and rebirth! I could hardly believe the results! I found the the Surfco surfboard tail guard to be a great addition to the tail, as it protects the board when I store it (standing vertically) as well as provides a bumper for riding.
One thing I’m really glad i did:
On areas of the deck where I place my feet most often, I added a little extra grip, and areas where i’m less likely (like the last 8 inches of the tail), I applied less grip... gives extra support where I want it, and a cleaner look on the tail.
One thing I would have done differently:
1) i had some rail tape laying around (which is really designed for SUP) and thought it would be rad to apply to my rails... welp, i didn’t think of that until after I had put on the grip material... the rail tape would not adhere to the board with the grip on it... so next time i would have applied the rail tape to the smooth base layer of the board. 
Again, my thanks to you guys for innovating on such an awesome product! I’ve already told friends about it!
Best regards,
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