Hamboards and Lucid Grip

Hamboards uses a similar gripping process to Lucid's during production. Over time your once beautiful Hamboard will start to get dirty and worn down. Good news is you can bring that board back to life with Lucid Grip. Check out some photos from a customer of ours below and some insights on re-gripping his 6'6" Classic Hamboard SurfSkate. Robert thanks for the input and we are stoked to see the finished result. Awesome work!

For more information check out www.lucidgrip.com and watch our video demonstration on re-gripping a Hamboard skateboard (Videos posted below).

Customer Robert (Berto) Review: Photos Shown Below

I was held back by "the unknowns" the videos were well put together but you cant see the end product or feel it.  That said I was on my way to fill in the gapes that the videos lacked.
Work area should be about belly button high with good lighting and ability to work freely around the board.  Try to keep in mind that any over spray and glass beads will make your work space a hazard when it dries.  Working with a 6'6 board I was concerned about coverage so the "fast pump" method was a must.  Dropped some large nails into bolt hole to keep them clean.  Tape board rails so they don't tear up everything the come in contact with.  When coating the board for the first time I found that it developed a suede finish much like fresh surf wax on a surfboard.  Plenty of time to coat with glass beads, in fact I only used about half a can of glass on the whole project.  It took some time to shake glass on the whole board, but could tell when the spray was starting to firm up.  The Glass beads were no longer attaching to the clear coat.  Then the re-coating again with "fast pump" action.  I could tell when the second clear coat was getting to heavy by the clear coat becoming a little cloudy, kind of frosted look to the eye.  Don't worry about extra glass beads not being attached because the are easily removed after drying with a good brush. A total of two cans of clear spray were used.  Added decal to board.
I hope the pictures I've enclosed will help show the texture of the product as its being used.  Again thanks for sending me an outstanding product and for giving an old board a new life!
Hamboards Classic Surf Skate SurfSkate Hamboards Classic Big Board Hamboards SharkTank Hamboards Big Skateboard Shark Tank Hamboards Classic Skate Surf Skateboard Hamboards Hamboards Surf Shark Tank Skateboard

Hamboards and Lucid Grip Videos: