Lucid Clear Grip for Marine Applications

Here is a great product review from a customer that had us come out and grip his teak swim step on his boat.

Lucid Grip....

Just wanted to let you know how PLEASED I am with the results of the application of Lucid Grip to our boat's teak swim step. ​I have NEVER been happy with the constant "greying" that we saw with the teak. No matter how much teak oil we applied, it didn't last long. With the sun and heat we experience at Havasu, it would literally "grey" over and dry out in a day or two. I was so tired of the look, last year I ​just varnished the whole thing over. Mistake...way too slippery!!!
Then I found LUCID GRIP!
Lucid Marine Grip
What a difference!
The teak shines through like new! The added grip surface is perfect, no slipping with bare feet and... no complaints from the girls about the surface being too abrasive on their bathing suits. We had lot's of comments from fellow boaters on how nice this 25 year old swim step looked. This application is PERFECT for teak swim steps!
Clear Spray Grip for Boats
Lucid Clear Spray Grip for Boats