How to Mix Epoxy Resin Instructions and Video

Lucid Epoxy is extremely clear, tough, high gloss coating designed to produce a deep glass like finish in a single layer on a sealed surface.

Below are some details regarding our epoxy resin and instructions on how to mix epoxy resin. 

Details about Lucid Epoxy Resin:

Lucid Epoxy has an extended open time which allows up to 5 minutes in the mixing container @ 70°F and up to 60 minutes working time. It is the perfect epoxy for use with white and lighter colors as it has u.v. inhibitors to limit yellowing. The extended open time allows time for creating even the most complex designs. Lucid resin epoxy is a little on the thicker side which helps keep your color in place for your artwork

It is waterproof, Food Safe, heat & alcohol resistant. Great for all types of applications. Including Skateboards, Tables, Desks, Wood Projects, Crafts and More.

Lucid Epoxy Art Resin:

  • Mix Ratio 1:1 by volume
  • Heat up to 500 deg.
  • Meets FDA standards for food safety
  • Excellent for tumblers
  • Excellent UV inhibitors
  • High gloss
  • Self levelling
  • Zero VOC
  • Made in the USA


Before mixing make sure room temp is 70-80F. You can warm your resin A in a warm water bath and get your epoxy to 75F this makes for a nice thinner resin to mix easy.

1. Use a plastic mixing container with volume measurement marks.

2. Double check your mix ratio

3. In container mix part B hardener first. We do this because its thinner and won’t stick to the walls

4. Then add part A

5. Mix SLOWLY in a figure 8 pattern scraping the edges and bottom for about 1-2 min.

Note: It will look kind of cloudy and then once fully mixed will clear up. If you whip a lot of air in, it will turn white, milky or frothy.

6. Now that 1-2 min has past pour out your mixed epoxy from one container to a new clean container. And mix 1 more min.

Note: This ensures a complete mix and no left over residue on the edges.

7. Now your epoxy is fully mixed pour onto surface as quickly as possible. You don’t want your epoxy to exotherm in the container.