Skateboard Trucks and Parts

Typically, skateboard trucks consist of a base plate, hanger (the movable and grindable part of the truck to which your wheels are attached), the kingpin and kingpin nut which hold these two pieces together, as well as the bushings and the washers.

The protruding part on which your wheels are attached is the axle. The washers on the axle are called speed rings. They protect your bearings from rubbing against the hanger or the axle nut and also help keep them clean.

1. Kingpin Nut
2. Top Washer
3. Top Bushing
4. Axle Nuts
5. Speed Rings
6. Axle
7. Bottom Bushing
8. Kingpin
9. Base Plate



The base plate is the base layer, or foundation, of the truck. It’s mounted to the skateboard with 4 bolts. The kingpin and the pivot cup can be found in the base plate.


The kingpin is a bolt that connects the hanger to the base plate. Typically, the kingpin nut is placed onto the upper end of the kingpin and is interchangeable. A hollow kingpin is a hollowed-out bolt, which reduces the weight of the truck.


Next to the base plate, the hanger is the main component of your trucks. The bottom part of the hanger is called the pivot and sits in the pivot cup of the base plate. On the other side, the hanger is connected to the base plate with the kingpin and bushings. 


The bushings are the parts of the trucks that control the turning behavior. They are made of polyurethane and are placed on the kingpin between the base plate and hanger. They are available in varying degrees of firmness and can easily be replaced with the help of a skate tool.

1.5 AXLE

The axle extends through the hanger, which is cast around it. It is a continuous bar made of titanium or steel. Your wheels and bearings are mounted on the visible parts of the axle. If the thread of the axel is worn out, you can use a skate tool with an axle rethreader.


Axle nuts are the nuts on the axle with which the wheels are mounted.


Washers are metal discs that are placed above and below the bushings in order to bring the board back to the starting position after turning. They also ensure that the forces acting on the board are evenly distributed. Some bushings are equipped with a reinforced hard plastic layer and don’t require washers.


Speed rings are small washers, the same size as the core of your bearings. They are situated between the bearings and hangers as well as between the bearings and axle nuts. They prevent the bearings from rubbing against the other components.